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Technology Like The Laser Rangefinder Has Revolutionized Many Fields

by beetleversion

The venerable tape measure has been around for generations, and will likely remain with us for many more, but when attempting to tale the measure across large expanses they are unwieldy and even inappropriate to the task. Over larger areas, it is unwieldy to measure and so aerial photographs are used to determine measurements. But the new technology found in a laser rangefinder allows for measurement simply and easily.

These devices work on the theory of the constant speed of light, which can be inserted into a formula to get distance. By measuring how long it takes for light to travel from the individual to an object and back, we can make a simple calculation. Multiplying the speed of light by the time taken for the reflection to return, one obtains the distance from the individual to the object and back, then one divides by two.

On the water measuring is even more complicated, as movement is slower and using a tape measure all but impossible. Without a radar or GOS system, taking the measure of floating objects, reefs and the shoreline are guesses at best. This equipment makes it easy to get the real answer right away without wasting a lot of gas.

Archery for most people is an occasional sport engaged in sporadically at best, but for some it is a passion. The desire for accuracy increases as the skill of the archer. With the ability to determine the distance to a target accurately, their success will improve rapidly.

Construction jobs require assessments for height and space both fro material estimation, strength calculations and even to ensure adequate room for material handling equipment. With appropriate technology the need to guess, pace off the space or use a tape measure are obviated. With the ease of using a flashlight accurate measurements can be taken quickly and accurately.

Laying out a housing development is complex, with the environment a primary consideration. Evaluating how many homes will fit in an area can make millions of dollars difference. Having the ability get accurate landscaping measurements on scene without waiting for a survey team can help leaders make sound choices. Ensuring that areas in need of protection are far enough from the site can be easily rendered no issue with confidence.

Heading out to the golf course is a several hours long exercise in estimating the travel of a ball weighing less than two ounces hit with a powerful force. The selection of club, with the varying pitch and weight of the club head translating into flight length is at the heart of the game. The ability to pull out a handheld device that will give a near-instant readout is a terrific advantage.

The ability to gauge the amount of material a construction job will require, which objects need to be avoided and which are safely beyond concern makes the planning easier and smarter. A laser rangefinder can allow the measurements to be accomplished by a single person. This is even more critical on the battlefield, where accurately identifying enemy forces from friendly can be life or death information.

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