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Xbox One, the Latest Generation of Microsoft Game Console

by beetleversion

Finally, after confusing news about the name and what the next generation of Xbox 360, last night (21/3) or yesterday morning local time Microsoft officially announced the emergence of the Xbox 360 successor Game console, the Xbox One. This new name suddenly made a lot of media surprised, the article in the last few months many rumors say that the successor to the Xbox 360 will come with the name Xbox 720, even shortly before it was officially announced several media including idgeeks got the news that the latest Xbox will use the name Xbox Now! . And these rumors answered all the news that the siu.

Xbox One is designed to bring a more powerful computing, more cloud-based features, and many things to keep its users entertained. During the launch event, Don Mattrick, president of the Interactive Entertainment division at Microsoft, said that the Xbox One will be amazing from the first time the console was launched and will continue to improve its capabilities.

The device will be simpler, faster, and more complete and is designed to answer a number of the challenges of today’s games and the rapidly growing entertainment media. Don Mattrick also said that there were many innovative breakthroughs related to the Xbox One.

The Xbox One device is set to offer all the entertainment that users might need, with lots of commands and no need to wait.

For hardware specifications, in every Xbox One sales package we will get an Xbox game console machine, joystick, and the latest generation Kinect. The Xbox game console is equipped with a 64-bit processor with 500 billion transistors, 8GB shared RAM, and Blu-ray drive that allows users to play a fair number of game titles. In addition, Microsft also said that the new Xbox machine was designed to be less noisy and allow users to access a lot of content from the hard drive.

The latest generation of Kinect that comes in the Xbox One sales package is also designed to deliver greater accuracy and better motion control, and the SmartGlass concept has better integration for the Xbox One. And the controller or Joystick also comes with a new design with a form that is more ergonomic and easy to use.

Xbox One will be exhibited at the E3 event, next month and officially launched at the end of this year. Regarding how much the price of the Xbox One, Microsoft has not announced how much the price of their latest Game console. We wait.

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