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Windows 8.1 Tablet Comes Later This Year

by beetleversion
Windows 8.1 Tablet

Microsoft released Windows 8 in August 2012. But before long, the public’s response was not so good about Windows 8, even the sales were no better than Windows Vista. Finally, last week Microsoft finally issued an announcement to release its successor, Windows 8.1, by the middle of this year.

Microsoft apparently will not only release Windows 8.1 for personal computers (PCs), but at the end of this year Microsoft will also release it for tablets.

Some vendors have indeed been producing tablets with Windows 8 until the middle of this year, and Microsoft will still allow the production. Whereas tablets with the Windows 8.1 operating system will be released by the end of 2013. Microsoft estimates that around 5-8% of tablets will be based on Windows 8.1

As is known, Windows 8.1 can be downloaded for free for Windows 8 users in the Windows Store in the middle of this year.

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