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Twitter Begins to Enforce New Authentication

by beetleversion

In December, it was reported that Twitter was preparing to launch a two-stage authentication option for users of their account to better protect their accounts. Today, Twitter insists that the option has been released, offering some better protection against intruders.

On Twitter’s official blog, it is explained in detail about how their new security features will work. Basically, users enter the Settings page of their account, then activate the ” Require a verification code option when I sign. “If before, your cell phone is not yet registered on Twitter, then you must first register the cellphone that you have. Following is the display if your cellphone has not been registered on Twitter.

After the cellphone number registration process is complete, you will be asked to re-enter your Twitter password and each time you log in to Twitter, you will get a six digit code that will be sent to your cellphone via sms. This code must be entered to complete the login procedure to Twitter.

Twitter adds that an upgrade needs to be done on the server to support this two-stage authentication option. The side effects? It is said that this change has paved the way for the future to give users a sense of security about their accounts.

The addition of this security option comes as a form of Twitter’s concern about Twitter accounts used by large companies and media organizations that have been targeted by intruders. The last example of this infiltration occurred in April, when the Associated Press account posted a fake message claiming that an explosion had occurred at the White House. This post caused the US stock market to plummet for a while and finally it was discovered that this message was fake.

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