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Microsoft Brings New Kinect to Windows

by beetleversion

Yesterday, in addition to releasing the Xbox One, Microsoft also revealed about their second-generation Kinect sensor, which brought many changes on almost every side. This new sensor has a high-resolution camera that facilitates much better accuracy, and this sensor can support up to six people simultaneously, voice commands have also been enhanced thanks to a new microphone, and even heart rates can be detected with this new device.

This new generation Kinect will be bundled with Xbox One if the device enters the retail market, although at this time there is no mention of when we can see this device present in Windows. The original Kinect sensor was first launched in late 2010 before it was officially adapted for use in Windows in 2012, so the same thing is likely to happen with this new sensor, albeit in a shorter time frame.

Speaking to Shacknews, Kinect program manager Scott Evans said that Microsoft “will bring this to the PC […] we will present further information as soon as possible”.¬†Unlike the original Kinect that was intended for Windows, Microsoft this time may also have plans to use a second generation of Kinect for PC games, although one can say this is still a rumor.

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