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Japanese Men Create Amazing Art in Excel

by beetleversion
Art in Excel

A 73-year-old Japanese man, Tatsuo Horiuchi has created a true Microsoft Excel function for spreadsheets, has been transformed into a place to create truly amazing works of art. When asked why use Excel to create art? Horiuchi said that special graphics processing software is expensive, and Excel is usually pre-installed when buying a PC. He also said that this software was easy to use and easier than using physical paint.

Apparently, this old man had never used Excel for his work, but only saw other people using it on their computers, and he thought that this software could be used to draw art. Before he retired from his job, he bought a new set of computers and began using Excel for his work which he usually does every day; where the last ten years he became a digital artist whose work was displayed at the exhibition.

The artwork he created in Excel is a beautiful reflection of Japanese life and culture, and it seems clear that this person has a talent for using software beyond his normal purpose.


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