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iOS 7 will be integrated with Flickr and Vimeo

by beetleversion
iOS 7

When iOS 6 was released, Apple was interested in fully integrating the two largest social networks in the world, namely Facebook and Twitter into their operating systems. Now with the advent of iOS7, Apple is interested in combining creative networks like Vimeo and Flickr.

9to5Mac quotes someone familiar with the software, which outlines Apple’s efforts to look forward to the presence of third-party social networks in iOS7 improvements.

Given the recent changes from Flickr, it seems like this is the right time to provide new services to iOS users. Of course there are Flickr users who are not iOS users and might be interested in using iOS if Apple is able to show this integration works. At present, the iPhoto application for either iOS or OS X offers integration with Flickr, but there is no real support for its services on the mobile OS.

Yahoo itself currently provides data for stock and weather info on the iOS application, as well as responses to voice commands on the Apple Siri interface. iOS 7 is designed to be a major overhaul, offering a design similar to Windows Phone, with more interesting features.

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